Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New, new, and even newer!!

It has been quite some time and I have SO much to share. With the Christmas season, I became very busy with orders to fill for signs to be given as gifts. There were multiple signs given as gifts this year, and one given as the ultimate gift.
First was a sign done for my friend to give to her parents as a Christmas gift:

The next was a sign done for another friend who needed a gift for her aunt and uncle:

And the very last sign I did was another Christmas gift, but this was in the works for quite some time. We had planned this back in October and it was literally completed just 2 days before Christmas. It definitely took a long time to create such a masterpiece, but the time and effort was worth it and it came out even better than expected. To be honest, I was really nervous on how it would turn out. I have never attempted to re-create such a masterpiece, I usually design the signs myself. But this was a favorite and has turned into my favorite sign I've done so far. I'm very proud of the outcome. See for yourself!

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