Monday, June 28, 2010

Happily Ever After Begins Here....

Aric & Natalie are getting married July 17th. The date is approaching fast, and as one of the bridesmaids I know that date is getting closer and closer. With all the tasks I have at hand for the wedding, making the sign being one of them, I decided to start early. And I actually completed it quicker than I thought I would considering all the detail that went into the design.
The couple are getting married at Forest House Lodge and originally Natalie wanted a sign to be hung at the ceremony site so guests would be able to spot the location from the road. However plans have changed and guests will be shuttled in and Natalie didn't want to waste the sign being on the side of the road. After the wedding Natalie plans to hang the sign in the couple's home forever being able to think back on the day they were married.

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