Monday, June 28, 2010

Love is a Journey...

Crystal & Kelcey were married June 26th, 2010. This project was done in record time! Crystal and I are friends on Facebook and after I posted the picture from Natalie & Aric's wedding sign, Crystal wanted one for her wedding almost immediately. She was a little hesitant. Reason Crystal was hesitating to ask was because she made a comment about it on Friday and was getting married the next Saturday. Of course I didn't want to turn her down so I told her I could do it, of course I would do it. And I almost had to convince her instead of her having to convince me. :)
So I started the design and process that Friday and finished it by Tuesday. Crystal & Kelcey were leaving that Wednesday to head up to the ceremony site. Probably the quickest I've ever done a project, and it still came out amazing. They had a small Hawaiian themed wedding with nature in mind. Crystal found this quote and I took it from there.
The couple are now on their honeymoon but will be able to hang this in their home to remind them of the day they became husband and wife.

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