Friday, August 20, 2010

Lots of new stuff...

So I have been busy with multiple signs lately. The first of the bunch that has been completed was the sign for Kaylee, then a family/home decor sign for the Hernandez Family, a gift sign for a friend's wedding for Crystal (the Love is a Journey sign), a sign for the Flynn family, and lastly directional and thank you signs for Kati and Chris. Lots to do! I got the orders for all these signs pretty much at the same time so I have been jumping around between all these signs. I have half completed signs everywhere. Most of them are crackle paint too, so I had the process everywhere. Some had a base coat, some were in the process of the crackle glaze, and some were drying with a top coat! It was a little hard trying to keep track of the timing for drying and when to put the top coat on. But they all turned out awesome. Big ups to the new Ralph Lauren roller I bought that has SUPER done an amazing job on the crackle. It has been hit or miss some times with the crackle in the past and this roller is getting the job done. Yay! Stay tuned for a LOT of new signs. I can't wait!!

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