Thursday, July 22, 2010

Begins Here...Ends There...

So I finally finished Justin & Jenni's wedding sign, and not without a few TRILLION bumps along the way. For whatever reason I was not meant to do this sign easily. I started this sign in the midts of Natalie and Aric's wedding preperations. A week of staying up until 3 am every night to get things completed. I did the sign when I could and spent a lot of those late nights at the sign, doing wedding things in the day and staying up late to work on the sign. The day after the wedding it was almost done and I had come home and started preparing to finish it up when all of a sudden I realized, my 2 year old is awfully quiet. I ran over to find her pouring BLACK paint all over my almost complete sign. My heart completely sank and I knew I had no one else to blame but myself. I shouldn't have left the sign out and I shouldn't have left the paint out, and I shouldn't have taken my eyes off that curious little girl for ONE second!! Needless to say, it was ruined. I had to start ALL OVER AGAIN. Of course that couldn't be an easy task either. When I went to get the wood, there were no more pieces. When I did the crackle paint, it came out horribly. When I went to my parent's house so that I could work on the sign and my mom could watch my kids, I forgot the paint. It was a nightmare. And yes, I even had a nightmare about this sign! After I finally completed it, I went to bed (at 3am) and had a dream that someone had spilled something on my sign and decided to clean it up with a wet rag and the paint on the sign was completely smeared! What is wrong with me!?! But all in all, the sign is done it has been picked up from my house and is ready to be displayed at a wedding this weekend. I'm so happy. I'm hoping Jenni is happy with it too and loves how it came out. There were so many different colors to incorporate it was a little difficult to distribute where the colors should go so that it was even and went with the theme. But I think I got it done.

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