Thursday, July 29, 2010

A new family...

So I'm working on my first family/home decor sign. This sign is for my friend Christine who just got married in June. Her and her new husband both have children from a previous marriage. So she wanted a sign for their home with all their names together as one family....including the dogs! So we made the last name the focus and also included their wedding date as the time the family was established. We kept the colors neutral so it would match the home decor since they are trying to buy a new house. The colors are chocolate brown and toffee brown. Of course the base is an ivory white. This sign should be relatively easy considering there is no crackle paint (ha ha) but there are quite a bit of swirls. Of course that makes the design look so elegant though. Oh how I love to make my job harder!! It's worth it though!

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